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When I launch the new business in 2004, Digital Contents Market in Japan was at its peak, using the cell phone monthly flat rate to convey service such as horoscope site, music service...etc. It seemed that any kinds of contents service would sell well through this system.

After 10 years, this industry has greatly changed, from flip phones that were used to be so popular in Japan to smartphones coming from abroad using OS system. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter become extremely popular which bring paradigm shift to this industry. The business model used to work when flip phones were popular no longer does. The digital content industry in Japan grows from growth period to the period of maturity.

The development of communication means like Skype and Line, plus the emergence of LCC (Low cost carrier) make the overseas expansion much more economical comparing to 10 years ago. Overseas expansion has become a very important step for a digital contents business if it aims to further expansion in this day and age.

However behind the simple word “overseas expansion” are different countries and regions. There are already numerous local business. The key to a successful overseas expansion lies in which area to go and which corporations to build business model with. Contents Bridget is able to offer the best contents service and in alliance with local corporations looking for the best value chain model possible. We provide a business model creating Win-Win relationships for both sides and long-term profitable growth. If you have plans for the overseas expansion, I look forward to working together with you.


September 2016

Contents Bridge LIMITED
Masato Sawada

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