Company name and Address

Contents Bridge Limited
Gotanda Tokyo Design Center 3F, Higashigotanda 5-25-19,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022, Japan


Representative's name

Miao Yu

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Contact information

[email protected]





Selling Price

The price will be displayed during the purchase process. (The prices include tax.)


Other expense besides the products

Internet access fee and communication fees will be when browsing websites, purchasing items, and playing games will be personal expense. Please contact the Internet provider providing you the service.


Digital item will be available right away

After the purchase process is done.


Payment Method

・Credit Card
・Mobile phone bill payments
・Electronic money



Cancellation, repayment is not possible after the purchase process is done.


Operating environment

Please refer to necessary operating environment according to play guide and support information on the webpages of each game.

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